Salem man charged with little one pornography

A Salem man was arrested Thursday for child pornography after prosecutor general agents said they had examined his cell phone and computer.

22 year old Trent Edward Sullivan is up for a $ 10 bond.

Investigators said they downloaded videos of child pornography from a specified IP address in March through a file-sharing program. They found that court records indicated that the IP address belonged to a house on East Pittsburgh Street just outside Delmont. Postal inspectors and driver’s license documents confirmed that Sullivan lives there, police said.

The agents issued a search warrant at home on Thursday. Authorities said in court files they found more than 15 files of child pornography on a computer owned by Sullivan.

According to investigators, Sullivan told them he had been dealing with child pornography through a file-sharing smartphone application over the past year. Sullivan said he “came across it” while viewing other pornography and searched for it on the app. Police said there were files with child pornography on a cell phone he had with him.

He also used a program on the computer to download the files and later move them to the Recycle Bin to be reactivated and redisplayed, according to court records. He is charged with distributing at least four of the files and faces 25 charges, including criminal use of a communications facility.

Sullivan waived a preliminary hearing on Thursday at the same time as his indictment. His lawyer could not be reached immediately. The formal indictment is scheduled for July 28th.

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