Meet A Playful & Pleasant Youth

Ronald is a curious, goofy, and carefree 11 year old who loves to joke and make people around him laugh.

One of his favorite things to do is go to the park and play in the playground. He loves the climbing poles and the swings and since he’s not afraid of heights, he has no problem swinging as high as possible!

When Ronald and Linda, his kid-specific recruiter, got to hang out, they went straight to the park. “We went on the swing and tried to see who could climb higher. Of course, Ronald hit me! “Says Linda. “I also saw Ronald doing cool tricks on his scooter and shooting tires.”

Although Ronald is friendly and sociable, he prefers people to communicate with him in calm voices and explain things to him in a way he can understand. It will be important for Ronald’s future family to be patient, understanding, and supportive of his needs. “Ronald would thrive in a family with no pets, as an only child, or with children who are grown up and away from home,” says Linda. “Having at least one parent at home would be a great way to keep Ronald busy when he’s on summer break or out of school.”

Ronald would be a great addition to a family as he really brightens up the room with his bubbly personality. He is full of joy and deserves a family that will give him the support and love he needs!

Boy playing on slide at playground

It is also important for Rondald’s well-being to be part of a family that understands his cognitive abilities and is willing to stand up for and pursue services that benefit him. Based on his previous life experiences, Ronald can get emotional when frustrated. The best way to support him is by offering ways he can calm himself down, such as: listening to music, going outside to play, going for a walk, screaming in a pillow, and practicing deep breathing. This type of helpful and empathetic guidance helps Ronald manage his emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

With support, guidance, patience, and love, Ronald is sure to thrive. “He would be a great addition to a family because he really brightens the room with his bubbly personality!” says Linda. “He cares about the people in his life and expresses his affection through hugs. Ronald is full of joy and deserves a family that will give him the support and love he needs! “

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Under contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the cost of adopting a foster child in Minnesota is virtually free for families.

Learn more about Ronald

If you would like to learn more about Ronald, please contact Linda Yang at [email protected]. Families may be required to provide certain documentation for complete information.

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