Port Charlotte couple arrested in drug bust; baby taken into custody | Information

Representatives of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Narcotics Department arrested a Port Charlotte couple Thursday for possession of drugs such as fentanyl, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Arrested were Brandon Tufts, 35, and Jennifer Orlick, 38, who are being detained in Charlotte County Jail without being attached.

A young child was at home and was released to the Children and Family Department, according to the CCSO.

The CCSO conducted a search warrant on the 18000 block of Eblis Avenue, which was being investigated for suspected drug activity.

When the MPs arrived, they met with the homeowner Tufts and advised him to conduct a search of the residence.

According to the CCSO statement, Tufts began to resist and called for his friend Orlick, who was at home, to lock the door. He was handcuffed and taken to a patrol car pending the search.

As the MPs approached the residence, Orlick ran and locked the sliding door to prevent them from entering, authorities said.

To make sure she was not armed, MPs removed the screen and blinds from an open window, and through the window, Orlick was told that MPs had a search warrant and asked to open the door and lock it outside to step.

The MPs opened the front door. At this point, Orlick left the house with the child.

After a search of the house, MPs discovered the following:

• 5.5 g of fentanyl, divided into smaller sachets

• 11.6 grams of marijuana (none of the suspects had a medical marijuana card)

• 37.9 grams of unidentified substances sent for testing

• 2 grams of methamphetamine

• and various other utensils, including straws with debris and a scale.

MPs also found a plastic bag and two additional cut straws – each with fentanyl scraps and a used needle – in a trash can next to the bed where the child was sleeping.

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