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As the Fort Dodge community continues to grapple with a lack of childcare facilities available, it recently received some welcome news. Iowa Workforce Development has made more than $ 1 million in grants to support a number of local childcare projects.

These grants do not fill the needs gap in a community where 1,743 places are available in childcare programs but more than 4,600 children need such care. One of the grants can be used to relocate an existing childcare center to stay in business and prevent the childcare crisis from worsening. The other grant will help an existing childcare worker expand and add 56 additional places for children.

The Childcare Discovery Center received $ 734,837 for building a new facility near 14th Avenue North and 32nd Street. It’s been in a mall on First Ave for decades. P. 2329, which was bought last year and is likely to be demolished. The new building will consist of 16,400 square meters on one level. It will serve up to 250 children.

The Community Early Childhood Center, 1315 S. 24th St., received a grant of $ 330,600 to pay for the equipment and furnishings required for an expansion. The plan is to expand the existing building by four rooms.

It is good to see that local efforts are being made to maintain and expand our existing childcare capacities.

We’re also delighted that officials from Iowa Workforce Development recognize the need in our community and are providing grants to help.

Despite these signs of progress, quality childcare remains an urgent need and must remain a priority for local leaders.

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