Custody Hand off Ends with Girl Being Struck by Automobile

According to court and police records, a woman who witnessed the incident was heard laughing out loud as a suspected driver before hitting a woman with her car.

At around 7 p.m. Thursday evening, Kennewick police were called into a parking lot about an accident involving a car crashing into a pedestrian.

Police didn’t say where it happened, but apparently it was a result of a custody transfer. There, two parents bring one or more children back / pick them up, depending on how long they have been in custody.

Police and court records show that the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Christian Flores, hit a woman and hit her with her car.

Police said Flores was there with her boyfriend when the child’s father said he didn’t want to do the exchange. The police didn’t say whether he wanted to keep the child or not. He then reportedly told her to leave the area.

It seems that it could have been the latter, because a short time later Flores and the victim were in the same area. The woman told the police that she was trying to have her child. She told police she heard loud laughter coming from Flores’ car before firing the engine and beating the woman. When she fell, she may have broken her arm, police said. She was taken to a district hospital.

Flores did not check her out, left the scene, and was later found and arrested at her home. Her bail was set at $ 10,000. The investigation continues.

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