5 Taken Into Custody After Stealing Vehicles, Foot Chase in Glastonbury: Police – NBC Connecticut

Five people, including two minors, were arrested near a high school, according to police, after crashing allegedly stolen cars and leading officials in a car chase in Glastonbury on Sunday.

Police said they received multiple calls Sunday afternoon about multiple people trying to gain access to cars in South Glastonbury. According to police, the reports came from areas such as Great Pond Road, Bluff Point and Main Street and in some cases involved people going into open garages to try to steal vehicles.

While searching for a suspicious vehicle around 4 p.m. on Sunday, officers saw it after learning that it had crashed and had left a scene shortly before, police said. Police said the suspicious car then collided with another car and crashed into a third car, causing five people to get out of the car and run away.

A perimeter was set up in the Hubbard Street / Buttonball Lane neighborhood and K-9 officers assisted in the search.

The five suspects are charged with stealing a passenger’s car and crashing it before they lead police on a chase, officials said. Police said the suspects hit a fence in the Glastonbury High School parking lot before being caught.

The five defendants related to the incident are, according to police:

  • Darrell Duncan, 18, charged with reckless driving (2 points), evasion of responsibility (2 points), risk of injury to a child (2 points), 2nd degree theft (2 points), 53a-126b Criminal Trover 2nd degree (2nd degree) Points)), intervening / resisting arrest (2 points), reckless endangerment of the 2nd degree, burglary 3rd degree, conspiracy to commit a burglary of the 3rd degree (6 points)
  • Branden Duncan, 18, charged with 2nd degree theft (2 points), 6th degree theft, interference / resistance to arrest (2 points), conspiracy to commit a 3rd degree burglary (6 points).
  • Christopher Collins, 18, charged with 2nd degree theft (2 points), interference / resistance (2 points), 3rd degree burglary conspiracy (6 points)
  • A 15 year old was charged with 2nd degree theft.
  • A 16-year-old was charged with 2nd degree theft.

Police said Darrell Duncan was held on $ 130,000 bail while Branden Duncan and Collins were held on $ 125,000. All three will be tried on June 14th.

The two minors were released with a summons to the juvenile court and their guardians, police said.

Police said they are investigating whether or not the detainees were also involved in reports of a stolen vehicle in Tolland on Saturday.

One of the drivers of a car that was hit by the alleged car was slightly injured and had to be taken to hospital, police said.

The police said they are actively investigating the incident.

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