Raskin acknowledges Frederick’s Oldham for work with youngster tax credit score

May 15 – US Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) Has named Ken Oldham, President and CEO of the United Way of Frederick County, 8th District Hero of the Week for the Community Service Providing Federal Tax Credit to Families Children supports for free tax assistance.

The tax credit could help up to 110,500 children and 36,700 households in District 8, which encompasses most of the northern half of Frederick County, according to a press release. The average balance is $ 2,500 per family.

Anyone who earns less than $ 75,000 or is married and submitting a combined return of less than $ 150,000 will be eligible for the credit. United Way also provides free tax assistance to those earning $ 57,000 or less per year.

“United Way was really there and worked so hard to get us through the COVID-19 nightmare and support all of our families,” Raskin said in an interview with Oldham.

– Steve Bohnel

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