Grandparents say lacking Columbus little one has been discovered, custody battle takes over

Posted: May 14, 2021 / 1:38 pm EDTUpdated: May 14, 2021 / 11:24 p.m. EDT

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WANE) – The search for a missing 6-year-old girl from Columbus, Ohio continues.

Although police say Isabella Stevenson is still missing, her grandparents tell WANE that she was found in Fort Wayne with her unsuspecting birth mother.

Brett and Barbara Stevenson say they have full custody of their granddaughter and appreciate the community’s support in finding their granddaughter.

Isabella Stevenson

“For the people who have kept sharing this post on Facebook and social media, Instagram, we really love you guys,” said Isabella Stevenson’s grandmother, Barbara Stevenson. “You know, we don’t have them yet. But we got a lot of support from a lot of people. “

They say the 6-year-old disappeared on Monday and was last seen in Columbus. The grandparents say Isabella’s unattended mother visited them but never returned to return the girl.

On Friday, investigators told WANE 15 that Isabella was in the Fort Wayne area and that the suspect or suspects were recently involved in Fort Wayne.

The Stevensons say their daughter, Isabella’s mother, took them away even though she has no custody. They also say the police found the girl with her mother, but the mother has filed records against her in Indiana. Stevenson says she just wants her granddaughter home.

“Monday is her birthday,” said Barbara Stevenson. “I promised to give her a Hello Kitty party.”

WANE 15 reached out to both the Fort Wayne Police Department and the Columbus Police Department to confirm the girl was found and is safe. Neither of them responded to WANE’s request at this point.

Grandparents say the case was turned over to an Allen County social worker. They said the social worker told them to call the Allen County office Monday to find out about their court date.

“Follow your heart and gut feeling,” said Barbara Stevenson. “Even if it’s your child. Take care of the babies. Just take care of the babies. I would go downtown immediately and face anything. If I did it again, I would never let her pick me up. “

Original story:

Fort Wayne Police are looking for a missing 6 year old girl from Columbus, Ohio who is believed to be in the Fort Wayne area.

Isabella Stevenson is a black woman with black hair and brown eyes. She is about 4 feet tall and 58 pounds.

She was last seen with a careless parent on the east side of Columbus, Ohio.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Tim Hendrick’s phone at 614-645-8534 or the Columbus Division of Police at 614-645-4545.

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