Mom pushes youngster to security as automobile slams into Hempfield house

A 2-year-old boy escaped injury Monday after his quick-thinking mother pushed him out of the way of a car that pulled up outside her home in Hempfield.

Amanda Clark said the boy was standing by the glass tower door around 12:30 p.m. and looking down Sells Lane while she sucked.

“From the right side of my eye I saw a car coming and pushed it out of the way,” she said. “Exactly where he was standing, the whole wall is strapped in here and thank God he’s fine and safe.”

As a result of the crash, the residential street near the Greensburg border was closed for a few hours on Monday afternoon when firefighters inspected the house and the power pole was replaced. State trooper Steve Limani said four teenage men, three ages 18 and 17, were in the car. Anthony Kovacic, Hempfield fire chief, said one of the teenagers in the car had been hospitalized.

“There is some damage to the structure as a result of the impact,” said Kovacic.

Witnesses reported that the car accelerated shortly before the accident.

Neighbor Daniel H. Waugaman came outside for some fresh air during a rain break when the crash occurred. He has lived there since 1949 and said that motorists regularly drive on the road that has a speed limit of 40 km / h.

“I just saw this white-colored car pull up here on the right, fly into the pole, the pole flown in two, and it flew across the street,” he said. “It was like there was nobody in his way.”

Scott Mehalcik was working on the windows of a neighboring house when he heard cracking noises and people screaming. The utility lines fell on his truck and left him stuck until they could be disconnected.

Clark’s video doorbell captured the accident and aftermath as the teenagers got out of the car, slammed the trunk, and walked away. She said the house was uninhabitable and she was looking for a place to stay.

Firefighters used plywood to cover the damage that went into their son’s bedroom.

“The worst part is that I usually have a blast house with a ball pit right there where they crashed. Usually it’s blown up every day and my son is with it, ”said Clark. “Thank god for the rain today that it wasn’t out here.”

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