Mom of autistic little one receives loads of help on McDonald’s toy mission

DODGE CENTER, Minnesota (FOX 47) – Maddox Matthias is on a mission to collect all Space Jam-themed happy meal toys from local McDonald’s locations. The six-year-old boy with autism managed to secure most of the coveted toys but needed a little help.

At this point, his mother Jillian posted on the Facebook group “Spotted in Rochester” and asked if anyone would be willing to trade or give up some of the toys that Maddox could not get by buying the children’s meals.

To the delight of the family, Maddox now has almost all of the toys he asked for, and his mom is grateful for all of the positive publicity she received.

“Children with autism or just plain disabilities are somehow swept under the rug or just ignored by the public,” she said. “You know they are not easy, it is not easy. But it’s so rewarding, he’s a great kid. “

Maddox says he’s still looking for New Years Eve and Lola Bunny if anyone can help.

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