9-month-old child overdoses on heroin, father in custody

ELK COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – An Elk County man is on remand after his 9-month-old baby was overdosed on heroin in early August.

Keven Klock, 37, faces multiple grievous bodily harm charges, including endangering the well-being of a child and grievous bodily harm.

Klock told state police that he carried the baby in from his SUV after arriving at their home on the 900 block off Cherry Hill Road in St. Marys. Upon entering the house, Klock saw that the baby was suffocating, the police said.

Then Klock noticed that the baby had stopped breathing and did not wake up. He opened the baby’s mouth and found a piece of a Heroin bag. Klock took the piece out of the baby’s mouth and gave the child two doses of Narcan and then the baby became approachable according to the charges filed.

When state police arrived, they found an empty bag of heroin in the area of ​​the vehicle where the baby was sitting. Klock told the state police that he had received the bag of heroin from a known drug user the night before.

The baby was transported to Penn Highlands Hospital in Elk County, her condition is unknown.

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