Man dumps 80Okay pennies of kid help in yard, daughter donates to charity

Virginia father throws 80,000 pfennigs in child support in the yard of his ex-wife

A home surveillance video showed a Virginia man throwing 80,000 pennies into his ex-wife’s front yard in May 2021.

Avery Sanford knew what to do when her father dropped 80,000 penny child support in her mother’s front yard – she donated the money to a local domestic violence facility.

It happened last month in Henrico County, Virginia. A surveillance video caught the father pulling up in his vehicle with a trailer attached to the rear. He picked up the trailer and tossed the pennies on the curb and on the lawn.

The video also captured the conversation.

“What are you dropping in my garden?” asked Sanford’s mother.

“It’s the last child support,” replied the father before driving off.

Henrico County police said they responded to the incident after the mother called 911.

“Henrico Police have documented the incident but no charges have been made,” Lieutenant Matthew Pecka said in a statement to FOX Television Stations.

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“It is really hurtful and harmful to your children when you do this. And it doesn’t matter how old your kids are. It doesn’t matter if they are a young child or an adult, ”said Sanford, 18-18 WTVR. “Your parents’ actions will always have some effect on you.”

“It’s not just her [my mother] that he would try to get embarrassed, ”she continued. “It’s me too, it’s my sister too. And it’s annoying that he doesn’t really think about that before he did. “

The father later told WTVR that he regretted his decision and that his emotions got the best out of him. Sanford told the outlet she hadn’t spoken to her father in years.

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But the teenager didn’t want the story to end with her father’s vengeful act. She donated the $ 800 pennies to Safe Harbor, a local domestic violence shelter.

“The fact that they turned something so malicious into something so beautiful says a lot about the relationship between mother and daughter,” Safe Harbor executive director Cathy Easter told FOX Television Stations Monday.

“Going back and donating this money to needy mothers and children as I feel is going to be really positive,” added Sanford. “You can learn a lesson from this.”

It’s not the first time a penny dump has been used to make a payment.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, Andreas Flaten said he quit his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in November 2020. He said he should pick up his last paycheck but was having trouble reaching it. His last paycheck later arrived in oil-covered pennies, a total of $ 915.

FOX 5 spoke to the owner of the company on the phone. He said he paid flat rates in US currency and did not want to be part of the FOX 5 story.

This story was told from Los Angeles.

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