Individual in custody in ‘complicated violent loss of life investigation’ involving aged relative, Rock County authorities say | Crime

One person is in custody as part of a “complex, forcible death investigation” involving an elderly relative, the Rock County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday morning.

At 5:31 a.m. on Monday, Rock County MPs were sent to an apartment on the 11,000 block of West Mineral Point Road in City Center to report a dead elderly woman, Commander Jude G. Maurer said in a report.

The 911 operator was at the apartment to check on the woman when she was discovered in the garage. Another person was in the apartment and did not know about the emergency call, said Maurer.

Incoming MPs sought help from the Sheriff’s Office detectives as well as MPs from the Bureau of Identification, and the person in the residence was brought to the Sheriff’s Office as an interested person, which “we will for the time being point out that this is a complex violent investigation. ”, said Maurer.

The dead, the emergency caller and the detainee are relatives, said Maurer.

The sheriff’s office said it did not expect to release any further information on Monday.

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