Little one assist cost system offline throughout New York State

The Bureau for Temporary Disability Aid and Assistance says a technical issue is delaying payments but expects to resume on Monday.

BUFFALO, NY – “I just had a $ 400 medical bill for my daughter this week which was an unexpected expense,” Kaitlyn C. told 2 On Your Side, who agreed to withhold her full name at her request .

The problem for the Williamsville woman is that the state’s child support payments system has stopped issuing funds.

The Office for Temporary Disability Assistance manages court-ordered child support payments. Kaitlyn stated that the money will go to the agency first and will be given to her through Bank of America, which she says will be spending the money.

This system was down this week. The following was posted on the OTDA website: “OTDA is aware of a technical problem with its child support payment system and is working with the State Information Technology Services Bureau to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

What Kaitlyn wanted to know is when payments will be processed again. But she said communication with the agency was difficult.

“The office itself is very difficult to get to. For example, if you have a problem or need to speak to an agent, you will be expected to fax or email them. This is the only way to contact the Child Benefit Enforcement Office, ”Kaitlyn said.

Without a clear indication of when the money might reappear, she evaluates bills and delves into her savings.

2 On Your Side contacted OTDA Friday. In particular, we wanted to know what the late payments were about. We also asked how many people are affected by the problem.

A few minutes before our Friday news broadcast at 6 p.m., we received the following statement:

“A technical problem with the child benefit payment system interrupted the payment of payments to households served by the program this week. OTDA is working with the state agency for information technology services to identify affected households and correct the situation. OTDA anticipates payment will begin again on Monday April 5th and will work with families to do its best to mitigate the effects of this delay in payment. “

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