7-Month-Outdated Discovered With Traumatic Head Harm Hours After Two Older Youngsters Have been Picked Up By Police; Mom In Custody – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – A south-facing mother was taken into custody after her 7-month-old baby was found with a traumatic head injury on Thursday evening, and police made not one but two trips to the home that day. Now there are questions about the timeline.

Neighbors wonder how the woman harmed her baby hours after the police took in her other two children.

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On Thursday the baby was in critical condition at Como Children’s Hospital.

Investigators say it was a 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl who wandered this Pullman apartment complex and raised the red flag. They were taken to a local hospital for examination, but their mother and 7-month-old sister were nowhere to be found.

When the police carried out a well-being check five hours later, the mother and child were already home, but this time the girl stopped responding and was seriously injured.

“I see the lady on the street screaming and screaming for help,” said neighbor Lashaun Foster.

A neighbor recorded a cell phone video of the disruption in front of her window.

On Friday, CBS 2 asked the Child and Family Services Department why there appeared to be a gap of several hours between wellness checks. A spokesman said he cannot comment unless there is a child death or criminal charge.

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“It’s really, really heartbreaking that help was there, but it really wasn’t enough to prevent it, to prevent these horrible things from happening,” said Stephanie Love-Patterson, executive director of Connections for Abused Women and their children.

Love-Patterson has followed the rise and fall of reports of child abuse in the Chicagoland area during the pandemic and called for help.

“Isolation has really only served people who do really good harm because there aren’t many opportunities to intervene,” she said.

She said that a year after the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic violence hotline call volume in Illinois had steadily increased by about 15% from the volume prior to the pandemic.

It is unclear whether this mother had any previous contact with DCFS.

Police said she was taken into custody Thursday evening but was taken straight to hospital for a mental exam.

Neither the Chicago police nor Comer Children’s Hospital were able to provide a condition update.

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The Cook County States law firm referred CBS 2 to Chicago police, and as of Friday afternoon, a spokesman said the charges were pending at the time.

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