Lacking Jefferson Co. 1-year-old discovered secure, father in custody

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced that a missing one-year-old from Jefferson County has been located. The child’s aunt, Amber Dellinger, said her sister was relieved to have her son Atreyu Jack Wilson at home with both of them resting. Dellinger said the boy appeared to be healthy. “I’m just so grateful for everyone and for getting him home in less time than we thought!”

Dellinger said her sister allowed the boy’s father, who has no custody, to spend some time with Atreyu on Tuesday because it was his first birthday. When Brandon Wilson didn’t bring the boy back as planned: “We looked around to see if we could find him because we knew where he could have been, he wasn’t there and then we immediately called the police”, said Dellinger.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Coffey credits tips, punctuality, and teamwork to help find Wilson and the toddler safe Wednesday morning. “The MPs checked areas this morning, remote areas. Patrol MPs came and found them in the Mossy Creek area of ​​Jefferson City. Found the vehicle that matches the description. And found them both asleep in the vehicle, ”said Coffey.

TBI initially issued the warning for one-year-old Atreyu Jack Wilson early Wednesday morning and said in a tweet that he may be with his non-liable father, Brandon Wilson.

Officials said the child’s unprisoned father, Brandon Wilson, 32, is now in custody and on charges of kidnapping.

“You missed a child, everyone will be coming to work,” Coffey said after a long night for his deputies, as well as for police officers, TBI and others in the community.

Authorities say you can call 1-800-TBI-FIND or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 865-471-6000 if you know anything or see the suspicious vehicle.

UPDATE: Atreyu Jack Wilson has been found and is safe. Brandon Wilson is on remand. Thank you for sharing!

– Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (@TBInvestigation) July 7, 2021

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