Israeli rabbinical courtroom removes youngsters from mom’s custody after husband claims adultery – Israel Information

A rabbinical court on Monday ordered that children be removed from their mothers’ custody until further notice after her husband claimed she was an adulteress, based solely on surveillance of his wife, who was in bars with another man .

The Netanya Rabbi Court issued two rulings in this case without a hearing and without the wife being asked to testify; a hearing did not finally take place until Wednesday and the court is expected to deliver its next verdict shortly.

According to the court’s decision on Monday, custody of the couple’s children is to be transferred to the maternal grandmother, and each parent can visit their children separately.

In its first verdict, which preceded Monday’s verdict, the court had banned the woman from leaving her family home with her children after 9:00 pm, unless her husband was accompanied “on the basis of father’s allegations.” The court heard no testimony from the wife. She also directed the police to implement her decision.

In his lawsuit, the husband alleged that his wife was cheating on him based on surveillance that suggests she was seen eating with a stranger in Tel Aviv, with her young son by her side.

“At 6:30 pm, the defendant was seen with a man while the child was in a stroller,” said the husband’s request, without providing surveillance material.

“She was seen with him again at 9:30 p.m., and the two of them went to a row of noisy bars with the child in the stroller. At 10:30 p.m. the interviewee was sitting with the man in one of the bars and they ordered a pizza, which means that she wanted to stay there for at least an hour. ”

On the subject of matching items

The man’s lawyer, Daphna Ben-David, declined to comment.

When the mother picked up her children from kindergarten earlier this week, the teacher refused to let the children go with her; The husband had told the school that a court had ordered the children to be removed from their care because they were mentally unstable.

“This is an annoying and dangerous decision that is more appropriate for a religious court in Kabul or Tehran, not Netanya, a city in the democratic state of Israel in 2021,” the woman’s lawyer Arthur Shani told Haaretz.

Shani said the ruling shows that the right to rule on child custody and visitation rights should be removed from the rabbinical courts, as has been done on child support issues: “Unfortunately, the decision proves that matters affect minors concern of which the treatment of rabbinical courts. ”

The rabbinical court administration added that either party can appeal the decision at the rabbinical court of appeal in Jerusalem. The three judges who pronounced the verdict were Pinchas Mondschein, Shneur Pardes and Bezalel Vogel.

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