Fourth stimulus verify and little one tax credit score dwell updates: can or not it’s handed in August? dates, tax return, opt-out…

Child Tax Credits, Debt, and Eviction

“Your day started before sunrise. Despite getting up with the baby a few hours earlier, Brittany Baker got out of bed at 5 a.m. one June morning. She moved in slow, tiny steps over the carpet she was so proud of keeping clean, even though three teenagers were walking around the apartment. Two were still sleeping with their fiancé Jordan in the bed they had just left. The other was quiet in a nearby crib.

“In the bathroom light, she ignored the image bouncing back on her from the mirror – a 36-year-old black woman winced in pain that seared from her feet into her stomach. She was in the third trimester of a high risk pregnancy but still went to work every day.

“Women of color like Baker have lost a disproportionately large number of jobs since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. They continue to struggle even during recovery. In June 2021, 1 in 12 black women over 20 were unemployed, according to the National Women’s Law Center in the United States. That rate – 8.5 percent – was 1.7 times higher than before the pandemic. Dayton, Ohio, where Baker lives, also suffers from longstanding income inequality. ‘

Kyle Swenson tells the story of Brittany Baker for the Washington Post.

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