Director wins award for her help of ladies in office | Snyder County

SUMMIT Carol Budd, Director of Early Learning in the Family and Community, attended a funeral when she learned she had won the 2019 ATHENA Award.

Several attempts were made to award the award, and Budd from Mifflinburg was only able to attend one Zoom meeting – a ploy since she had no idea she was receiving it – while he was attending her sister’s mother-in-law’s funeral.

The meeting was taped and shown during the 99th Chamber’s taped online annual meeting and awards ceremony on Thursday evening.

A visibly surprised Budd accepted the award for her support for women in the workplace and for community service at a Zoom meeting attended by employees, family members and ATHENA Committee Chairman Eric Rowe.

“If people knew where I came from … That’s why I know women can be leaders and change,” she said. “I’ve seen a lot of people grow. It makes all the work worth it.”

Budd started working at SUMMIT in 1977 as a parent coordinator and in 1990 he was behind the start of early start programs in the region. Today the agency has a budget of $ 15 million, operates 22 locations in five counties, and cares for 1,600 children.

Over the years, she has launched several initiatives, including the Head Start Scholarship, which awarded 102 former Head Start participants $ 51,000. a program to prevent child abuse and neglect; and Angel Tree, which collects gifts for children in need.

One of the women she has mentored over the years is Deb Witmer, who started at SUMMIT in 1985.

“Working with Carol Budd has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. She is brave, wise, strong, knowledgeable, empathetic, giving and kind to everyone around her. She has looked after me for 35 years,” said Witmer . “I’ve learned so much about how to deal with people and how to just be myself when working with the families we serve. She has always encouraged me to try new things and step out to be the best, what I can be. “

Working with Budd for 36 years, Sue Snyder “saw the impact it had on the lives of women, mainly the mothers of registered children. She saw firsthand the suffering of many of these women and her goal was to help them to improve their lives. ” . “

Budd will be retiring next year and said she was looking for volunteer opportunities.

The following award winners also took part in the event:

Service First Federal Credit Union with Business of the Year.

Anthracite Outdoor Outdoor Adventure Area with the small company of the year.

Judy Karr from Nottingham Village received the Dan Foss Heritage Award.

Bill Robinson and the Kreamer Feed family received the Karen Hackman Star of Excellence Award.

Catherine Kram from Coup Agency with the Young Professional of the Year.

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