Dad Dumps 80,000 Pennies in Avenue as Last Baby Help Cost

A father’s angry bitterness turned into a kind act of thoughtfulness and kindness.

Avery Sanford, 18, of Richmond, Virginia, tells WTVR that the first time she looked out the window of her house, the first thing she could figure out was exactly what she was seeing. Then she realized that it was her father who was unloading a rented trailer full of pennies on the street next to the mailbox.

What he was just offloading was his last alimony … all 80,000 pfennigs of it.

Sanford says “He stopped in front of our house as if he had switched on the trailer so that he could throw out all the pennies on the street in front of our house.” according to

Her mother went outside to see what was going on when her ex-husband told her “It is your last child benefit payment.”

How much is 80,000 pfennigs?

80,000 pennies is $ 800.

Avery Sanford says her father’s bitter motives were an attempt to embarrass her, her sister, and her mother. However, she decided to turn the tables and turn the ugliness into something great.

After she and her mother picked up the 80,000 pfennigs from the street, Sanford decided, with her mother’s consent, to donate the last of the child benefits to Safe Harbor, a domestic violence shelter.

She tells WTVR that she is happy to be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

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