6-12 months-Outdated Boy Shot Retrieving Bike, Alleged Attacker Again In Custody

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11:20 a.m. PT6/10 Angry neighbor who allegedly shot a 6-year-old boy is back in custody for a $ 10,000 cash loan after massive outcry over his first release.

Prosecutor Eli Savit was with us on Thursday at “TMZ Live” and told us what it took to bring the alleged shooter behind bars … and it sounds like the judiciary has acted quickly here.

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Eli says the boy could easily have been killed in the incident and breaks down the argument he brought in court Thursday to get bail increased to $ 100,000.

A 6-year-old boy was nearly killed when his neighbor allegedly opened fire when the kid picked up his bike from the sidewalk – and the man has already jumped out of jail after posting a shockingly low bond.

The incident occurred over the weekend in Ypsilanti, Michigan – about 35 miles outside of Detroit – where the boy, CobyShe is lucky enough to be alive after the neighbor allegedly chased him with a sledgehammer and then shot him in the arm with a gun.

The neighbor, Ryan Le-NguyenShe was reportedly mad at Coby and a friend had parked their bikes in front of the sidewalk of his house. The boy’s father Arnold DanielShe told FOX2 when the boys came back to get the bikes … Le-Nguyen followed Coby with the hammer.

Coby told FOX2, “He tried to hit me with a sledgehammer, but it won’t work because I’m too fast. (Then) he got a gun and BOOM shot me right here.”

As you can see from the video, understandably the children panicked and fled when they heard the shot. You can hear Coby wail in agony while another child says “Coby was shot !!!” cries.

Coby’s father said the bullet went through his son’s arm, but the doctors told him that if it had been an inch either way, it would likely have killed Coby.

Le-Nguyen, who was reportedly beaten with family over bicycles in the past, was arrested and charged with assault and murder. He left a $ 10,000 bond on Tuesday … which prompted Coby’s angry father to wonder how the bond could have been so low after Le-Nguyen allegedly tried to kill his son.

Even prosecutors say they applied for a $ 100,000 loan, but were shocked that Judge Le-Nguyen gave Le-Nguyen a $ 10,000 cash loan. The public prosecutor’s office has now made an urgent motion to dissolve the bond.

As for Coby … he’s home and luckily awaiting a full recovery.

Originally published – 6/9. 1:36 pm PT

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