Cordell & Cordell Digital City Corridor Emphasizes the Significance of Technique in Divorce Instances

The facts of your divorce case may be different from other divorce cases. Your divorce case may involve children together and a domestic situation where you need to seek custody. In your case, it might be a family house that you want to sell but your spouse doesn’t and wants to live in it instead.

The intricacies of marriage show up during the divorce process, and your family law attorney needs to be informed of all the good and bad facts in order to formulate an effective strategy in a family court.

Virtual town hall

Cordell & Cordell hosted a virtual town hall on October 14th which detailed how case strategies are developed and applied in a family court.

The virtual town hall was led by the CEO of Cordell & Cordell, Managing / Executive Partner Scott Trout, and consisted of a group of lawyers from the United States.

Allegations ahead

You highlighted how your future ex-spouse can try to attack or defend your side’s strategy in court through their own strategy.

“If you’re struggling, think about all the negatives she has ever said and really take it to heart,” said Diana Megalla, Senior Litigation Attorney at Cordell & Cordell New Jersey. “Tell me what these points are. Do not be ashamed. Don’t let me find out in court. “

Communicating clearly and honestly with your attorney is central to any divorce or custody proceeding. This will allow a lawyer to prepare to tackle any allegations made by your future ex-spouse.

“I want to be one step ahead of possible allegations,” said Ms. Megalla.

“For example, mom could say he doesn’t feed the children. Nine times out of ten, my customers receive text messages that read, “Hey, I made this meal for the kids. So and so loved the food. ‘If you tell me what the charge is, we can find ways to move forward before I have to hear it in court. “

Proof and discovery

Evidence can be crucial not only in combating possible allegations, but also in highlighting assets or patterns in character. Discovery plans should reflect the individual facts of the case and allow you to find evidence of issues at stake.

“It is important to speak to your attorney about the issues and develop a strategy that is unique to your case,” said Coleen Kinsler, Lead Litigator, Cordell & Cordell Texas.

Depending on the issues associated with the discovery, it can mean that lawyers need more time to complete the discovery, which creates additional legal costs.

“It can be expensive,” said Mr. Trout. “It is therefore important to have a conversation and talk about what is appropriate for your case. The more problems there are, especially controversial ones, the more need to be discovered. “

By having honest discussions and gathering the necessary evidence through discovery, you and your attorney can go to a family court prepared and prepared for potential problems. This is especially important when custody and your place in your child’s life are at stake.

Information about your children

Up-to-date information about the pros and cons of your children’s lives is crucial in showing a judge that you are an involved parent. If you share this information with your attorney beforehand and allow him to demonstrate your involvement in his life, your presence will be confirmed in the eyes of a judge.

“Gathering records and information about your children’s lives is incredibly helpful in a custody case,” said Jessica America, litigation attorney for Cordell & Cordell Arizona. “Where have your children been living for five years? Who lived with them? Can you provide medical records? Did you go to the doctor with them? Can you prove that?

“The more documents and evidence you can produce, the more time and money you will save so your lawyer won’t have to look for it.”

Start early

Gathering these documents is a task that you don’t have to wait for an instruction to complete. If you haven’t found a family law attorney yet but you know you want to get a divorce, you can make these preparations in advance and help your case before it begins.

“It’s never too early to begin,” said Alison Morriss, litigator for Cordell & Cordell Florida. “Realistically, we start with this first submission. We’ll start this first consultation, even before the divorce is filed. So start with your lawyer and get started right away.

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