‘A horrendous day’: Scholar killed in taking pictures at Albuquerque center faculty, one other pupil in custody

Students were running into classrooms and hiding under their desks when the gunfire rang out. The school was closed and the students were later released early.

Both the victim and the suspect are around 13 years old, according to police.

An eighth grader of middle school told KOB 4 that his new boyfriend was shot. He said an earlier fight led to the shooting.

This shootout marks the city’s second murder in 24 hours and the city’s 80th murder this year, the record number of murders investigated by APD in 2019.

APS officials said classes will not be held at Washington Middle School on Monday, but grief counselors will be at the school from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Parents must accompany the students and “stay with them all the time”.

The grief counselors stay on campus all week. Students are expected to return to class on Tuesday.

According to the APS, the school will also have an increased police presence.

Full statement from APD boss Harold Medina:

“Our officers are putting themselves at risk to keep people safe. Today was no exception when a school cop ran into danger to disarm a shooter and treat the victim who had just been shot. Maybe she saved other lives. Unfortunately, a child was killed because a classmate brought a gun to school. The boy who lost his life is also a hero. He stood up for a friend and tried to de-escalate a violent confrontation between classmates. This incident is a tragedy that has shaken our community.

It is also another example of gun violence affecting families across the country. Just last night, a violent criminal shot and killed a man in a sports bar in northeast Albuquerque. The community support for Lawrence Anzures speaks volumes to his character and the tragic loss of his family and friends. Our detectives are working hard to solve this crime and to bring justice to Lawrence’s family. “

Full statement by Secretary of State for Public Education in New Mexico Ryan Stewart and Secretary-designate Kurt Steinhaus:

“This is a terrible day for New Mexico. Today’s tragic event at Washington Middle School in Albuquerque means the terrible scourge of school violence has landed on our doorstep. Although many details are still unknown, we know that shots were fired, that a child is dead, and that someone is in custody. We can only imagine the terror students, teachers and staff felt as they took cover in a place where they should feel safe. We can only imagine the horror felt by families who rush to pick up their children and fear the worst. And the senseless and violent death of a child under our protection is indeed the worst. We share your grief and pain as we are again called to reflect on our failures – as adults and as a society – in protecting and maintaining the life and health of our children. We reach out to Principal Angela Rodriguez and Superintendent Scott Elder to offer our help. “

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