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An arrest warrant was issued against the arrest of Regan K. Jevnick, 45, 5064N Main Street, Winter, and his 30-day Huber Act imprisonment. He was found in contempt on Sawyer County Court on September 13, 2019, and failed to abide by a cleaning order on a maintenance order. He owes $ 47,805 in arrears.

Tyler L. GrambergTurtle Lake, 26, was found in violation of the court in a Sawyer County child support case. His last payment was on January 23, 2020 and he owes $ 2,363 in arrears. The court ruled that he had not made diligent efforts to find work and did not provide the required information (his address, employer and income) within 10 working days. He was sentenced to five days in prison with Huber privileges, but can clear the finding of contempt by paying $ 100 for the arrears through December 15, then $ 25 a month for the arrears and on or before Pay a $ 75 litigation fee on December 1, make all court-ordered payments on time and in full for 12 consecutive months, and notify the childcare agency within two business days of any change of address and / or name of his employer. If he is unable to make payments, he must apply for work according to the rules, and if he is unemployed, he must register with the Concentrated Employment Agency (CEP).

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