What To Do When Your Co-Guardian Misses Little one Help Funds

Co-parenting is rarely easy, despite everyone trying to do the best they can to make sure the children still grow up knowing that they have two parents who love them very much. As much as everyone wants to have a separation or divorce that is amicable and as free from mess as possible, there are always housekeeping duties to take care of. These are important things that need to be decided on, and they are for the benefit of the child.

Couples have to talk about a schedule, who the children will be with, and when. This routine and consistency are important for children who are likely going through a difficult time, and just want to feel secure and safe. Child support is another difficult matter.

While not many people like talking about financial things, and they can find it awkward, it is important. It is important that children are supported financially because there are things in life they need that cost money. Since children usually fall under the mother’s care, it is typically up to the father to pay child support in some way.

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This can be made even more difficult when a co-parent doesn’t pay child support, or if they have missed payments. Maybe they are not consistent with their payments, and this does not work for mom who is trying to plan things out. Mom may be wondering how she should address this, and there are a couple of options.

Talk To Your Co-Parent

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This may be the easiest solution, but it could also be the hardest depending on the type of relationship you have with your ex. According to Steps to Justice, communicating and talking with your co-parent should be the first step. If you have a good, or even just civil, relationship with your ex, this may be all you have to do. Maybe an unexpected expense happened, and this has caused them to miss a payment.

While they should have told you about it, they could be embarrassed, or afraid you would be upset, but talking about it can clear things up.

Modify The Payments

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A part of this conversation may be that payments need to be modified. According to Custody Change, maybe there have been some circumstances that have changed, and your co-parent is struggling. It may be as simple as changing the terms to child support.

If the reality is that they just don’t have that amount of money every month, they are not likely to be able to pay as much as you want them to. When having these conversations, it is always wise to keep your children in mind, and what is best for them.

Talk To A Lawyer


According to Divorce Net, if the split was not amicable, or if it was “ugly,” you may need to consult with a lawyer. Lawyers can be mediators, and they can take a lot of that work and weight off your shoulders, especially if there is no way a civil conversation can happen. This is also helpful if there has been more than one missed payment.

It may be understandable that a co-parent has one or two bad months, where their car breaks down, or they have an unexpected expense, but if it is becoming a regular occurrence, you may want to get some legal counsel.

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