Wetzel County man in custody after choosing up Ritchie County minor and inappropriately touching her at Parkersburg space mall

HARRISVILLE, W.Va. – A Wetzel County man is in custody after picking up and inappropriately touching a Ritchie County young girl at a mall in the Parkersburg area.

According to a criminal complaint, a grown man from New Martinsville began communicating with a woman who was known to be 15 at the time.

Stanley Moore

Identified as Stanley Moore, 21, of New Martinsville, the man met the youth in Harrisville and went to the mall near Parkersburg on March 3, the West Virginia State Troopers said.

That day, Moore drove to the youth’s home with another person and picked them up while their guardian was absent, according to the complaint.

While Moore and the girl were eating at a restaurant, Moore inappropriately touched them, which she was taking a picture of, soldiers said.

Moore then took the teen back to her apartment and contacted her again on Snapchat on March 6 with a message that read “Can we fuck in the hot tub,” to which the teen replied that she didn’t want to see him again after the complaint.

On March 7, Moore arrived at the teenager’s home at 2:00 am to “pick her up and spend the night with him,” but was met by the girl’s guardian, who told him the child was “nowhere going with him.” would, “and Moore then left the area, officials said.

Moore was charged with two cases where he requested a minor by computer. He is being held in the Northern Regional Jail.

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