Watch a Father Dump 80,000 Pennies As His Closing Little one Assist Cost On The Garden of The Mom of His Youngsters

The top candidate for the 2021 Petty Award is this man here.

This guy had the nerves, the eggs, and the time to collect $ 800 worth of pennies and place them on his children’s mother’s lawn as the final payment for child support. Do you know how petty you have to be for that? I don’t know the situation so I’m not going to turn a page, but this is as petty as you can get.

When Avery’s father was reached by phone on Tuesday, he said his actions were the result of 18 years of accumulated frustration and that his emotions had overwhelmed him. He said the last thing he wanted to do was put another wedge between him and his daughter.

Turn the page to see the video of the incident.

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