Useful Suggestions On The best way to Get Your Vitality Again After the Holidays

It can be difficult to recharge your batteries after the holidays. The holidays are behind us, but the months before that were particularly stressful. Whether you celebrated Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali, or any other winter vacation, there is pressure to maintain long-standing traditions and create new memories. You can take the “fake until you get it” approach and do your best to manage the details for your children, especially after a divorce. By faking it, I am referring to increasing your excitement and brightening your smile even when you feel like curling up on the sofa and doing nothing.

That is a real energy consumption. The holidays can put a strain on everyone’s life. But when you’re getting divorced and enduring this confusing and changing health climate, it’s understandable that your energies are drained! When you are a parent, you are even more exhausted. The good news is that you can gain and retain energy using natural methods.

Once you get your energy back, you will be able to achieve your short and long term goals more successfully.

4 tips to recharge your batteries after the holidays

1. Monitor your fuel

The stress of divorce can cause some people to overeat. You are what you eat, especially in terms of how what you eat contributes to how you feel. Use a pad or take notes on your phone and log in all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.

Keep a food and drink log for a week or two. I know it seems boring, but you can do it. They create some kind of map that leads you to a treasure of who you can become. Make notes of what you eat and how you feel when you eat it.

What drinks are you reaching for? Do you crave caffeine, sugary drinks, or alcohol (which is also sugary)? Record how you feel before and after you eat or drink. Is it hunger or thirst that motivates your actions? If not, what is the emotional reason why you crave and consume food or drink?

2. Add new foods and leave out other foods

When it comes to food, you have to know what to let in and what to let out. That reminds me of Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind:”

Well the days of those drifters are over now
I have to think about it a lot more
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave, what to leave behind

Find out what makes you sad when you eat it. The grief can be physical upset or feelings of anger or regret once you’ve eaten it. Stop buying these foods. In general, highly processed foods such as frozen meals, salty snacks, and commercial cookies cause physical discomfort and low self-esteem.

On the other hand, identify why you are feeling great! What are these foods when preparing homemade meals or eating with a loved one? How do you feel about it? What is your belly doing well? What contributes to your energy Identify and write down the answers to these questions and add more of these foods and drinks to your daily intake.

This is not a diet! It’s about being aware of your intuition and adjusting to it.

Start adding rejuvenating foods. For example, drink more water every day. An easy way to drink more water is to fill your mug or glass with water before drinking coffee, tea, soft drink, or cocktail. There are two benefits to creating this new habit. The extra water will increase your hydration and will likely decrease the amount of non-nutritious beverages you consume.

3. Make exercise important

Whether you’re hitting the gym again or starting or completing a home exercise routine, you will get your energy back by adding exercise to your day. When you expend energy on exercise and stimulate your circulatory and respiratory systems, you feel energized

It is not intuitive to some extent, but exertion will make you feel complete and alive. Start small and easy. If you have an exercise routine that you love, consider adding another day per week or another 10 minutes per session. Exercise will help you get and stay energized.

4. Unravel your mind

When your mind races and jumps from one thought to the next, you are using up energy. This will soon lead to exhaustion. Being present with one project, conversation, or action at a time will save you energy while it calms your mind.

When your mind is racing or pondering, bring yourself back to the present moment by consciously making five inhalations and five exhalations. When you can breathe consciously, take off your shoes and press the soles of your feet to the floor. Say in your mind, “Be here now.”

When you feel more centered, use a tool like your calendar to unload the tasks that are bothering you. Set aside time to deal with the things that are preoccupying you. Then return to conscious breathing, “plant” your feet and you are here and now in this moment.

Following these tips can reduce your exhaustion and lack of motivation after the vacation / divorce. Continuing to apply these four tips in small ways is a great approach to achieving the desired successful result. It’s time to start over and you are empowered to make it happen!

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