Unique: That is the lady in custody related to the kidnapping of two kids in Greece

– Berkeley Brean (@whec_bbrean) January 22, 2021

Pluviose was captured after GPS and phone recordings directed police to a house in Montgomery, a town only slightly smaller than Rochester.

The Greek police chief Drew Forsythe said on Wednesday evening.

Forsythe: “A woman was seen leaving an apartment, a crime freeze was enforced and she was taken into custody. Shekeria and Dimitri were in the hall under blankets in the back seat.”

Shekeria and Dimitri are the sister and brother who were kidnapped from their nursing home Monday night after police alleged two people went in through a window and took them away.

DNA from blood on the window, phone records, and GPS from a getaway car brought police to Montgomery and arrested Pluviose.
A friend of Pluviose on her Facebook page is the catering service of Dimitri Cash Sr., the father of Dimitri and Shekeria.

The Greek police have not released any information on who is in custody but have announced that further arrests are imminent.

Just a few months ago there were serious concerns about the safety of Dimitri and Shekeria.

In October, a jury heard an appeal from Dimitri and Shekeria’s father and mother.

The hearing was a father and mother appeal challenging a 2019 family court order that their older children were neglected.

Carol Eisenman is the lawyer for the county Human Resources Department, which also includes Child Protection Services.

She said that at the hearing.

Eisenman: “It wasn’t just neglect. This could, I say, have been an abuse case. These were serious injuries inflicted over a considerable period of time.”

Attorney Kathryn Friedman was the parents’ attorney.

Friedman: “The court did not make a determination of domestic violence in this case.”

Judge Patrick NeMoyer: “No, the court found that both the mother and father harmed each other and allowed each other to inflict excessive corporal punishment on both of them.”

At the hearing, Supreme Court Justice Patrick NeMoyer described abuse related to extension cords and wooded boards, referring to one of the older children: “She described a course of two weeks hitting after breaking the vacuum.”

Eisenman: “What the complainant, both parents, did to these two older children was only a matter of time before these two younger children also became victims.”

NeMoyer: “And as for me, too, is the father’s statement that when asked about physical discipline, you can do what you want. You can do what you want to your own children. Certainly that comes from inferred neglect and his competence of the younger two children. “

These younger children are Dimitri and Shekeria Cash. After they were abducted Monday night, Chief Forsythe said, “Father Dimitri is definitely someone we need to speak to.”

The police have spoken to Cash since then.

In November, the appeals court rejected the mother and father’s appeal. The judges thus confirmed the family court’s decision that there was neglect.

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