Two Kids Returned To State Custody After Parental Kidnapping

Three adults are detained and two children were placed in state custody after being removed more than 300 miles from their homes.

According to Detective Wesley Kissinger of the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office, he was contacted last month by a Smith County, Texas detective about two children abducted by their non-custodial mother, paternal grandfather, and wife – often referred to as parental ones Kidnapping.

The detective believed the children and suspects may have ties to McDonald County.

Based on the information provided and the knowledge of the area, Kissinger, together with Deputy Mike Miller and Deputy Richard Carr, were able to locate a vehicle that matched the description in a residential complex in Pineville.

Law enforcement contacted the grandfather, 55-year-old Jimmy Hodges, and his wife, 45-year-old Francis Hodges, who identified and confirmed that 35-year-old Cynthia Hodges and two children were on the property.

Kissinger said the children were found hidden under a bed in the residence.

The Hodges statewide extradition orders are being returned to Smith County ASAP with additional child impairment charges.

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