Trump Marketing campaign Adviser Jason Miller Flips Out When Jake Tapper Calls Him Out Over Baby Assist

Jason Miller doesn’t like being called because he’s supposed to be a dead father. The longtime Trump adviser and chief campaign strategist tried to meddle for his boss on Sunday, claiming the Washington Post article about President Trump’s now infamous phone call – calling on Georgia’s top election officials to find votes to win him over – was processed deceptively. In response, CNN host Jake Tapper tweeted, “The full call is here and while I have your attention, you are paying your child child support.” Miller responded less than family-friendly:

In September, HuffPost reported that the Trump campaign was paying Miller through a Shell fund to potentially reduce his child child support owed. The married Miller fathered a child in 2017 with former Trump campaign employee AJ Delgado, who later sued him for lack of child support. Delgado told HuffPost that “his income is directly relevant not only to child support and the arrears of child support he owes our son, but even to legal fees.”

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