Thomas Ravenel’s Lawyer Explains Kathryn Dennis’ Custody Association

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel attorney has revealed his custody agreement with Kathryn Dennis and how it will work.

Southern charm Two of the most notorious performers are back in the news when it was revealed that Kathryn Dennis has again lost custody of her two children, Kensie and Saint. Thomas Ravenel’s attorney said Kathryn Dennis was currently monitoring the weekend visit.

Fans will remember that the two lovers who crossed paths in 2014 were doomed from the start. Ravenel was old enough to be her father since Dennis was only 21 years old and inexperienced in the world around her. She fell madly in love with the nefarious South Carolina treasurer, and her life was never the same. Even though the couple had two children, they still had their own demons to work through.

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During their time together on the show, fans watched the couple go through their troubles, which eventually led to a massive breakup. Now people have spread the word that the Charleston celebrity has once again lost custody of their two young children. The point of sale revealed that Ravenel now has temporary custody. The reason for the sudden shift in custody is unknown as the records have been sealed.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in southern charm

Ravenel’s attorney released a statement that the 29-year-old can visit her children on the weekends but they will be supervised. The statement read: “I can confirm that Ms. Dennis currently has daytime supervised visits to the parties’ underage children over the weekend and that Mr. Ravenel plans to move the children to Aiken, South Carolina this summer.” The couple settled their last custody question over a year ago when it was revealed the 58-year-old was ordered to share custody. In 2018, Dennis tried to regain custody of their children when Ravenel was charged with assault and battery after being charged with rape by a nanny.

The Sun reported that the reason for the loss of custody was due to a cocaine allegation against Dennis. A mutual friend reportedly told Ravenel that the star took her children on a ski trip and left cocaine in easily accessible places. Dennis denied all drug use allegations in the reports, claiming Ravenel was trying to get her children away from her. As of now, the Southern Charm star has not yet commented on the matter, but has posted a picture of herself partying at the Versace mansion over the weekend, which fans thought was tasteless.

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Source: People, the Sun

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