The Liberation Fund launches Liberating Fathers initiative to assist Previously and at the moment Incarcerated Fathers who collected youngster assist charges whereas in Jail

Citizens returning home from prison often face the challenges of swelling child support payments; Stafford Moore, PLLC will be assisting these individuals by providing legal aid. Registration for the services will end August 31st, 2022.

DALLAS, TEXAS- When fathers become incarcerated, their child support payments begin to accrue. It is notoriously difficult to attain a job after being incarcerated, so not every father will have the immediate ability to make payments. For those that are able to find a job, their wages will be garnished, causing financial burden, and families to be further separated. The Liberation Fund is looking to help incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and unhoused fathers get reintegrated into society, and aid in bringing separated families together again.

The Liberation Fund is a national organization that focuses on criminal justice reform. Founded by Justin Moore and Kardal Coleman, The Liberation Fund aims to end cycles of incarceration through legal representation, advocacy for geriatric clemency, indigenous defense, assisting the formerly and currently incarcerated that are suffering debts that have accumulated while serving time.

On Fathers Day and Juneteenth of this year, The Liberation Fund launched their Liberating Fathers initiative to help Incarcerated and Formerly Incaracerted fathers begin reconnecting with their lost loved ones. Through this initiative, we hope to close cycles of recividism and family estrangement caused by the prison industrial system starting with one father at a time.

**Legal aid not limited to one city or region.

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