Telangana Excessive Court docket to folks preventing for custody

Hyderabad: In a significant ruling, the Telangana Supreme Court said parents should not use the child as a farmer or poison their minds to peg each other.

When the court heard a case of contempt for custody, it said that parents cannot be guests in their child’s life.

The petitioner’s husband and the respondent’s wife had one child. The two no longer had a marital relationship and denied custody of their child. In 2019, the family court ordered that custody should be shared equally between both parents.

The father later filed a petition with the Telangana Supreme Court alleging that the interviewee had violated the family court order.

He also alleged that the mother took inappropriate photos of her child by taking the child to Niloufer Hospital at midnight and testing the child’s private parts for COVID-19, grossly violating COVID-19 norms.

The petitioner’s lawyer stated that the interviewee gave the 6 year old child a mobile phone and taught him to send certain messages to include him and his family. The child had done this innocently without knowing the consequences of his actions.

In response to these allegations by the petitioner, the respondent refused the petitioner custody of the child. She said she was concerned that the petitioner might commit homosexual acts on him.

In defense of her actions, the interviewee stated that she took the child to the hospital and made audio and video recordings and that his private parts were only photographed in the child’s interest.

In this case, after examining the child’s movements, the court made some important remarks and concluded that he was not afraid of the petitioner.

The Respondent had informed the court that she had not taken the child back into the petitioner’s care because she believed that the petitioner’s negligent actions would result in the child developing COVID-19.

“It is also strange to accept the mother’s behavior that on the one hand she seeks protection from coronavirus because she did not send the child to his father, on the other hand she took the child to the police station and the hospital to examine it and private parts made grave allegations against the father for sexual assault on the child, “the court said.

The court also found the interviewees guilty of contempt. However, since she unconditionally apologized and prayed for forgiveness, the court went indulgent against her.

The court issued a series of instructions to the respondent and the petitioner regarding joint custody of his child.

“In order to win each other, the parents are not allowed to use the child as farmers against each other. The parents should not poison the child’s spirit. The child must not get a cell phone. He can only use the cell phone under parental guidance. Both mother and father have custody of the child while on vacation equally. If the mother and child intend to travel nationally or internationally while on vacation, the father must make their travel and residence arrangements and bear them strictly forbidden to the parties, obscene To take photos or videos of the child as well as audio recordings. All existing photos, CDs and videos should be destroyed and may no longer be used, ”the court ordered.

The court stated that if visiting rights are only granted for limited hours, it may not be enough for the child to have a comfortable time with the father or mother, whichever is the case.

“The bigger the gap, the faster the bonds are broken and the child is confused and ends up believing it. Such actions by one parent in separating a child from the other parent should be nipped in the bud, otherwise the separated parent will become a guest in the.” Life of the child, “said the court.

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