Teen hosts stroll to help little one abuse victims

One Acadia Middle School student is proving that hard work pays off.

Sixth grader Jayden Skadra planned an entire 5-K fundraiser with the help of her classmates to raise awareness about child abuse.

What You Need To Know

  • Over $3,000 was raised at the event
  • Money will go to the Saratoga Center for the Family
  • April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

Don’t let Skadra’s age deceive you, she’s one of the hardest workers you’ll meet.

“When I went through a lot, I figured I would do it,” Skydra said. “I don’t know, it just kind of came to my mind.”

She may just be in sixth grade, but on Sunday, Jayden not only planned, but hosted a 5-k walk to raise money for victims of child abuse. She says she wants to be a role model for her classmates and the community.

“It’s a great feeling,” Skadra said. “I get to help people that might need it. And they don’t want to seek it. Because they might be scared.”

Her father says this is nothing new for Jayden. He says she’s one of the most humble and hardworking people he knows.

“If she sees somebody that needs help or something, she will be there to help that person,” William Skadra said. “So I knew she was going to do something big.”

The money she raised during the walk goes toward the Saratoga Center for the family to provide resources for victims.

“A lot of our cases are crime victim cases and those kids are priority,” said Vicki Braunstein, a therapist with the Saratoga Center for the Family. “So whatever we can do to help them have mental health services, that why these fundraisers and grants are really important.”

The community responded to Jayden’s event, with more than a hundred walkers showing up in support.

Surrounded by classmates, family and her community, Jayden says her hard work paid off in the end.

“It feels great, it really does,” Skadra said.

It’s estimated that the walk brought in over $3,000 for child abuse resources.

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