Swain, Mosquera & Taliaferro Invoice Appropriating Funds to Assist NJ Youngster Care Suppliers Now Legislation

Swain, Mosquera & Taliaferro Bill Funds Support NJ Child Carers Now Legal

(TRENTON) – With countless daycare centers facing financial challenges due to the ongoing public health emergency, a bill was signed Tuesday sponsored by three Congregation Democrats in support of the childcare industry.

Subject to the availability of federal funding, the Economic Development Authority (EDA) will provide $ 10 million in funding, which New Jersey had access to due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to support childcare facilities that are disrupted due to the emergency in the area public health.

When the Act (A-5445) came into effect, Congregation sponsors Lisa Swain (D-Bergen, Passaic), Gabriela Mosquera (D-Camden, Gloucester) and Adam Taliaferro (D-Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem) gave the following joint declaration from:

“So many daycare centers have already closed while many others are struggling to stay in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Necessary yet expensive safety measures such as reduced class sizes, purchases of personal protective equipment and improvements in building ventilation have placed a considerable strain on the childcare industry.

“In the past year, women in particular have borne the brunt of the consequences of inadequate access to childcare services. Parents in our state need and deserve affordable, accessible childcare. Funding childcare workers in need ensures that these vital services are available to them. ”

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