Surrey swarming assault: Dozens rally in assist of sufferer

Dozens of people gathered in Surrey Sunday morning to show support for a teenage girl who was brutally beaten last weekend.

“It’s just been happening too much in this city and it needs to stop,” Thomas Smith told CTV News.

Smith is a member of the BC Whiskey Wizards, a men’s metal health group that organized the event.

“This is ridiculous, little girls getting beat up in front of their schools our outside of schools or set up like that, this shouldn’t be happening no more,” Smith said.

The incident, which was recorded and posted to social media, happened last Saturday night on the grounds at Hillcrest Elementary.

In video of the attack, a girl can be heard screaming, “Go, go, go, hit her,” as the victim is punched and kicked. The victim, who is in Grade 9, can be heard crying and repeatedly saying she is sorry.

Despite her apologies, the teenage girls continue to attack the victim, chasing her as she tries to flee.

They corner her and make her kiss their shoes.

“It tore me apart inside to watch my daughter go through all the things she went through,” said the victim’s father.

The 15-year-old girl’s family said she was left with a broken nose, black eyes and scratching and bruising all over her body.

Her mother says the bullying hasn’t stopped.

“To this day, the one girl is still bullying my daughter online,” the mother said. “She’s posting pictures of my daughter bloodied and beaten up.”

The victim was in attendance Sunday as dozens of vehicles drove along 176 Street honking in support, with many getting out to embrace the young girl.

“It just gives me hope that you can get through this,” her mother said of the support.

Surrey RCMP says one youth, who was specifically identified as the aggressor in the incident, was arrested and later released on an undertaking with a future court date.

Both the RCMP and the victim’s family are encouraging parents who may recognize their child in the video to come forward.

“As a parent, how are you not disgusted with your child?” said the victim’s mother.

“You should be held accountable for what your children are doing,”

With files from CTV News Vancouver’s Michelle Brunoro

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