Studying Magistrates’ Court docket: father instructed: pay little one assist or go to jail

Court rules Papa showed “willful rejection”

A FATHER was told to pay thousands of pounds in arrears for children or go to jail.

On Friday, December 11th, the judge ruled that the 35-year-old had shown a “willful refusal” to support his offspring.

In the dock was Piotr Kuzma of Harley Court, Brocas Road, Burghfield Common. There he was summoned by the government’s Child Maintenance Service (CMS) under Section 39A of the Child Support Act 1991.

The CMS requested £ 3,485 for non-payment of child support and expenses. After the court found that Mr. Kuzma, who was legally represented at the hearing, had no reasonable excuse for failing to pay, it ordered the bill to be paid. Specifically, Mr Kuzma has to pay £ 100 per month every month until the debt is cleared and the first payment is due on January 8th next year.

If he defaults on these payments, Mr. Kuzma will go to jail for 28 days

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