Spring Metropolis Man Charged With Repeated Rape Of Teen In His Custody

SPRING CITY, PA – A notice from Childline has resulted in 25 rape and other crimes charges against a Spring City man who police allege repeatedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl while in custody.

Spring City, 58, Michael Richardson has been charged with 25 rape, involuntary deviant sex, endangering child welfare and related charges, the Chester County attorney said today.

The charges stem from a February 2021 Childline report of a 16-year-old child who said they had been raped and forced into sexual acts one or two days a week for over a year since 2020. Chester County Detectives and Spring City Police followed up the report.

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According to the complaint, the child’s victim moved from Georgia, where she lived with her adoptive family, to Richardson’s two-bedroom apartment in Spring City in early 2020. Since there was only one bed, the victim told police that she was forced to share it with Richardson, where she was sexually assaulted once or twice a week.

District Attorney Deb Ryan said, “This child was saved from further harm by a phone call to Childline, one of the county’s most powerful tools against child sexual abuse. I encourage the victim to have the strength to disclose what is happening with her in this house She is really brave. We will hold her perpetrator accountable under the law for his wicked deeds. “

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According to the report, Richardson also bought lingerie for the child’s victim and forced her to put it on before going to bed. All rooms had surveillance cameras except the bathroom, and Richardson’s bedroom had no door, according to the prosecutor’s report. Richardson reportedly used the cameras to watch the child’s victim sleep or get dressed.

According to the report, the defendant took the phone and other belongings of the child’s victim with her when she refused to have sex with him. The victim told police that the defendant was pushing her and calling her a psychopath when she asked what would happen if she told someone.

The defendant is being held in Chester County Prison on $ 750,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 11th.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to call Chester County Detectives at 610-344-6866. Call Childline if you suspect child abuse: 610-344-5800.

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Spring City man charged with repeated rape of teen in his care

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