Southside Youth Senter wants neighborhood assist as they work towards a greater tomorrow

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – Southside Youth Senter helps students of all backgrounds, cultures and genders develop self-esteem, discipline and respect for their community.

They do this through the after-school, vacation and summer programs, but after seeing a significant drop in the funds needed to keep these programs up and running due to the pandemic, these helpers now need your help.

Phillip Avery and Latijera Turner said some of the reasons they send their children to the Southside Youth Senter were due to the mission.

The center provides a safe, supervised environment where teens and children can develop character and social skills in an educational yet fun environment.

“My kids love coming here, they are excited, this is like their home away from home and it’s a good feeling to know when I’m at the job they are doing,” said Turner. “I never think twice that you are not sure.”

Avery agrees.

“My oldest child, who grew up especially as a child, is shy, they don’t want to go out and try different things. So it was good to see him branch out and try different activities, meet new kids and make new friends, “Avery said.

Activities such as homework help, cooking, music, crafts, science, and more.

However, 2020 was a low year for the Center for Enrollment and Finance.

“We currently have 68 children enrolled. We are licensed to have 80 in this building at any one time,” said Preston. “Our lowest enrollment was last year when we had 30 children as part of the Texas childcare license emergency orders that were staffed by one to ten people.”

As the pandemic progressed, Southside Youth Senter officials said they had seen a 75% drop in income, which is of great importance for continuing to work on a better morning.

Before COVID, we had annual sales of around $ 236,000. When the kids said they wanted to do this excursion, we could safely say that if the parents can’t afford that we can pay for it, it won’t be a problem. Now we’re lucky enough to see $ 85 to 90,000 come through, ”said Preston.

Turner said Southside Youth Senter goes way beyond that and deserves any help the community can give.

“I have a visually impaired child, she has some cognitive delays, but they cater to her needs,” said Turner. “You don’t get this everywhere, most of the places they avoid that don’t want to take that extra step of taking care of a child who needs you more and this facility has never had a problem with that.”

And Avery, who has relied on the center for a decade, agrees.

“You can make a donation to help certain children or to help what you know will be the future of Wichita Falls,” Avery said.

Avery, Turner, and Preston hope community members will help keep this nonprofit going.

To donate to Southside Youth Senter, follow this link in the comments section “Donate”.

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