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SLEEPY EYE – A 27-year-old Sleepy Eye man previously convicted of detention was convicted by Brown County District Court on June 21.

Vicente Flores Jr., 221 Summit St. SE, received a stay of imposition, a fine of $ 585, and a 15-day local sentence, with Huber privileges if applicable; may impose a custodial sentence, has been placed and placed on a three-year supervised suspended sentence that “Thinking for a change” Cognitive Skills Program, may not use, own, choose, or register any firearms or explosive ammunition until his or her civil rights are fully restored.

A similar crime count was dismissed.

According to the complaint, the Sleepy Eye Police were dispatched to 221 Summit St. SE on April 10, 2020 on a custody appeal. At the scene, a woman told police that Flores had her child and would not bring the child back after she left the child at his apartment that morning.

The woman said she wanted Flores to have some time with the child, but she plans to keep the child in quarantine during the COVID-19 stay, according to pediatricians’ recommendations.

Neither Flores nor the child’s mother were able to provide the police with an injunction on custody or parental leave. The police were not aware at the time that Flores signed a parentage recognition after the child was born and therefore had no custody or parental leave for the child.

At a child support hearing in Brown County on September 2, 2020, Flores testified that he had “Property Rights” to the child, but refused to return the child to the woman despite having asked him several times to return the child to her and that he refused and continues to refuse to return the child to her.

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