Scottish Authorities proclaims assist for well being and social care workers

The Scottish Government announces support for health and social workers

Jeane Freeman

Additional funding of £ 500,000 will be provided by the EU Scottish Government Provide practical measures to support health and social workers in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Following direct feedback from employees, this funding will support the provision of hot beverages and snacks on site, as well as other measures to encourage rest and relaxation during the shift, which will improve their wellbeing and reduce pressure at work.

Improved wellbeing support services are already in place to support health and social workers with £ 5m in support. These include the national 24-hour hotline with trained psychologists and the National Wellbeing Hub, which helps employees deal with stress, anxiety and resilience.

Jeane Freeman, Minister of Health, said: “I have very clear expectations that all health authorities should promote both the physical and mental well-being of employees, whether they work in a hospital or in a community.

“As we neared this peak of the pandemic, I asked officials to seek feedback from Wellbeing Champions across Scotland on what additional support could be provided to staff during this most difficult time.

“I listened carefully to their feedback, which emphasized that small things like access to hot drinks and snacks mean a lot and can go a long way towards employee wellbeing.

“I hope these additional funds continue to support the boards of directors and health and social care partnerships to provide the extra practical support that can make the shift a little easier for employees.”

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