SC invoice would make convicted drunk drivers pay youngster assist to sufferer’s household

COLUMBIA, SC (WCBD)- A proposed law in South Carolina would hold convicted drunk drivers financially responsible if they kill a child’s parent or guardian.

The bill introduced by Reps. West Cox (R-Anderson) and Stewart Jones (R-Laurens), would require a person convicted of vehicular homicide in the death of a parent to pay restitution in the form of child support to the family until the child turns eighteen and graduates high school.

The law would also apply to fatal DUI crashes on boats or other water vehicles.

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“Too often children in this state are left without support as the victim of a DUI. It is time for the offenders to pay to support those children. Tragically, children are left without support in these cases, and we need to force the person responsible for the death to provide for that child.”

Rep. West Cox

As for the amount, the bill states that it will be up to the courts to determine an amount that is “reasonable and necessary for the maintenance of the victim’s child” and would be based on typical child support elements.

If the individual is incarcerated and unable to pay, they will have up to one year after release to begin payment. Payment plans will also be accepted.

A similar bill was passed by the Tennessee legislature in April.

With just days left in the legislative session, the bill currently resides in the House Judiciary Committee.

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