Sacramento Youngster Assist Providers Celebrates Moms

Thursday May 6, 2021

The Sacramento County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) honors mothers who set good examples and support the well-being and stability of their children. At Sacramento County DCSS, our mission is to improve families’ lives. We do this by helping parents continue to work for the support and wellbeing of their children. Studies show that every parent involved in a child’s life improves overall well-being – they are likely to perform better in school, have lower dropout and incarceration rates, go to college, and lead happier and healthier adult lives. Every family is unique and we tailor our support to your specific circumstances and needs. For example, you may need help with genetic testing, setting up court orders, changing child support amounts, or making it easier to collect payments. If you pay support as a parent, we can help you if you’ve lost your job, your driver’s license or passport has been blocked, or you repay support payments. Our services are free and we are here to help. We understand that caring for your children, your relationship, and your money are major stressors in life and navigating the complex legal system can be very difficult. DCSS is here to help parents navigate the child support system as they know it can be a complicated process. Supporting your children can create irreplaceable relationships – your support will shape their future! We are here to help you with your maintenance needs. You don’t have to do it alone. Let us be your partner – and your bridge into a world of possibilities. To learn more about the Sacramento County Childcare Department, visit our website or call 866-901-3212.

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