Rumah Bonda founder needs custody order annulled and adopted youngsters returned to her

KUALA LUMPUR: The founder of the Rumah Bonda welfare home is trying to bring back her five adoptive children who have been admitted to the welfare office (JKM) since last month.

Siti Bainun Ahd Razali, 29, and four of the children’s birth mothers have filed an application with the local court to have the provisional custody orders lifted on July 16.

The motion was filed on August 2nd through Chambers of Aminahtul Mardiah.

However, attorney Nur Aminahtul Mardiah Md Nor said the fifth mother was out of reach and believed to be in Surabaya, Indonesia.

“We served JKM (the document) but the department is not ready so the court had to postpone the hearing.

“The court has ordered the department to respond to our affidavits and the hearing is scheduled for September 14th,” she told the press after a trial before Magistrate Nur Farahain Roslan here on Wednesday (August 4th).

In the motion, Siti Bainun and the mothers requested a court order to place the children in Siti Bainun’s care.

The children, between the ages of two and 16, including two with Down syndrome, were kidnapped by JKM after Siti Bainun was involved in an abuse scandal involving a 13-year-old girl with Down syndrome.

It was reported that Siti Bainun was arrested in mid-July, but the police were unable to arrest her.

Rumah Bonda was subsequently sealed and her five adopted children are currently being held in various JKM welfare homes.

Meanwhile, Nur Aminahtul said the birth mothers had affirmed in their affidavits that they intended to transfer custody of their children to Siti Bainun.

“The children are being adopted directly by Siti Bainun and not under their welfare home,” she said.

In today’s trial, Nur Aminahtul said the court also granted her motion for three interim measures; that Siti Bainun has video call access to the children, that the two children with Down syndrome receive special milk and diapers, and that two school-age children are provided with devices to continue their schooling.

“She (Siti Bainun) has not had access to the children since their abduction.

“We are concerned about the children’s emotions. We believe the court has the best interests of the children,” she said.

Only Aminahtul added that the affidavits and medical documents show that the children are safe under the care of Siti Bainun.

The JKM’s child protection officers, Noor Afdzan Mohd Sahandrigani, Asiah Bachok and Mohd Imran Mohd Zanyuin, appeared in the proceedings.

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