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Manhattan: I am the attorney of record for Dashown Carter, who was recently found dead in his cell at Rikers Island. I read the article in the Daily News about Joseph Ramos being recently named to the Board of Correction and his disgusting, disgraceful, immoral remarks concerning the deaths of four inmates at Rikers Island this year (“4 deaths at Rikers all ‘natural,’ says Adams pick on correx board,” May 11).

Mr. Ramos, you must quit that position immediately. Your remarks demonstrate a sickening insensitivity to people who are among the most vulnerable in American society. How dare you dismiss the deaths of these people for whose safety you are partly responsible? It demonstrates that you aren’t competent to do that job. What on Earth is natural about someone feeling so desperate that they were willing to cross that final red line and take their own life? The report from your own office detailed that a “cascade of systemic problems contributed to the deaths of detainees,” as quoted in the article. In each of the four cases, an officer whose presence was mandated was not there.

And how typical to blame the media that helps to uncover these disgraces that would otherwise go unknown to the public. In fact, I was notified of my client’s passing not by the Department of Correction but by an email from NY1 early Sunday morning. The News is not “anti-uniform” but it is anti-incompetence, and duty-bound to make revelations of negligence by government agencies. Kevin S Sylvan

Brooklyn: To all those well-intentioned leaf-blowers: Please blow your leaves toward your property, not mine. Marie Walsh

Manhattan: I took your dramatic photo (“Son of a beach! House collapses in NC,” May 11) as a warning for homes and businesses along New York’s hundreds of miles of coastline. Global warming is already rising and sea levels are making future Superstorm Sandys more likely. We need to reduce the carbon emissions that are wreaking havoc on our atmosphere. New York’s Climate Action Council has the right ideas in its Draft Scoping Plan. Let’s get on board with it before we are washed away. Linda Novenski

Larchmont, NY: I’m glad that Voicer Helen Hill Updike gets her facts from the internet — and I have a bridge to sell her. She states that abortion is mentioned in the Old Testament. I challenge her to pinpoint where abortion, and not a biased interpretation of the scriptures, is specifically mentioned in the Old Testament. Cecily Carrigan

Bloomington, Ind.: I used to burn ants with a magnifying glass on the sidewalk in front of my house. I didn’t think much about it at the time. As I grew older, I developed empathy for most living things. Morality is a sense that most of us develop as we mature and learn about the world and our place in it. We discover that we should treat others as we want to be treated. Abortion is a potent problem-solver, but I believe most people instinctively sense that it’s not completely moral at any stage. This may be because every one of us was inside our mother’s womb. The 1973 Supreme Court decision served as moral vindication for those who felt uneasy about abortion. It will remain legal if Roe is overturned but the soothing calamine lotion that Roe provided will be removed, and the ball will be back in our court. Scott Thompson

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Spotswood, NJ: Re “Actor pulls Starbucks glue stunt” (May 11): Over-actor James Cromwell glued himself to a coffee shop counter to complain about the milk! He took the NYPD away from protecting New Yorkers from serious crimes for this nonsense. I hope the judge fines this millionaire $500,000 for endangering people. tom scott

Manhattan: Ken Frydman (”Two cop killers and their progressive progeny,” op-ed, May 10), in opposing “liberal DAs,” stoops to a medieval blood libel of Chesa Boudin. Commenting that he is the child of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, who were convicted of felony murder in the Rockland County Brink’s robbery, Frydman opines, “There’s always something in the blood.” His other opinions are almost equally egregious: that there is no redemption for cop killers; that Chesa Boudin abused his role as San Francisco DA by lobbying Gov. Cuomo for the release of his father, David Gilbert — how does Frydman know this? — and various misrepresentations about other “liberal DAs.” Frydman represents NYPD police unions. I urge the union to find other representations. His coarse and ignorant opinions do damage and are not worthy of the honor and respect the NYPD is due. David Solomon

Yonkers: An open letter to President Biden: Hey Joe, you say you feel our pain, that you are taking inflation very seriously and that it’s your number one domestic priority. Here are a few suggestions to help the American people survive: 1) issue a $2,000 inflation assistance payment to all Americans; 2) direct the Social Security Administration to give all recipients a mid-year benefit increase to offset the obscene increase in the cost of everything; 3) reinstate eviction bans nationwide to help prevent more homelessness. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Deliver real help and not just lip service. Mark Bloom

Bronx: High gas prices are due to a global supply condition and America is not the only country suffering — this should be obvious to an intelligent, thinking person. Inflation is the result of a plethora of reasons. There is the war in Ukraine affecting global oil supplies, oil companies taking advantage of the situation, the pandemic, labor shortage, distribution of food and shortages and even the stimulus payments. Inflation will be with us for some time in a divided America. It does not matter which party is in power. Our division is the enemy that we cannot conquer. Gilbert M Lane

Manhattan: Regarding fare evasion, theft of services, etc., while all are regarded as non-violent crimes, I believe a distinction should be made to clarify terms. Boarding a bus through its back door or entering the subway system through an unlocked emergency gate is fare evasion. Patronizing a prostitute and refusing payment is theft of services, although it cannot stand legal scrutiny. Other forms of theft include buying a glassine bag of heroin that, upon examination, contains an uncontrolled substance — in street parlance, being “thrown a dummy” — buying a bottle of methadone, the contents of which have been tampered with, and buying marijuana or benzodiazepines that are nothing of the kind. This is commonly known as “getting beat,” a circumstance from which there is no legal recourse other than the encouragement of usually violent criminal acts. Aydin Torun

Bronx: To Voicer Bob Cavaliere: I don’t know who’s giving you your information about the all-electric bill but you’re being told wrong. It only applies to new buildings under construction. There is no refitting of older buildings as you stated. Using all-electric and heat pumps will cost no more than using gas — possibly less. The fossil fuel industries that spread this misinformation will say anything to keep their insane profits, on which they pay as little tax as possible, by the way. Obie Hunt

Brooklyn: As a result of the mass confusion in Albany, we are presently looking at having two primaries, one in June for statewide offices and Assembly members and another in August for state Senate candidates and congressional candidates. This horrible doubleheader will cause a great deal of confusion and suppress voter turnout, which has been very low in recent years. It is time for Gov. Hochul to act like a true leader and call for the consolidation of these primaries to be held in August. It may not be in her best political interest to do so, as her opponents will have extra time to raise money and campaign against her, but it is the right and decent thing to do. I hope you will act accordingly. Robert Mascali

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