Rapper Future’s Child Mama Rushes To Court docket Over Little one Assist

rapper future Baby mom Eliza Reign requests that he hand over his financial documents and answer questions about his other baby moms.

According to Radar court documents, Reign, who is trying to increase the court-ordered child support to $ 3,200 a month, is asking the courts to hand over his recording deal with Sony Music.

Reign believes the contract includes information about how much money he is making from his album sales and touring. Future’s ex-lover wants to use the documents to try and build her case. She believes the $ 3,200 monthly alimony is way too low for the amount of money he’s bringing in.

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In court documents, Reign also asked the court to allow her to see documents pertaining to his other maintenance cases. She wants to see how much he pays all the other women. The rapper “Mask Off” has a total of 7 children by 7 different women, including one with the singer Ciara.

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He was sued by a woman named Cindy Parker who accused him of having an 8th child. In her paternity suit, she accused him of being the father of her son, Legend Wilburn. The case was tacitly settled out of court before a judgment was given. Before the case was dismissed, Parker befriended Reign while they battled Future in court. They had their children put on a DNA test that supposedly showed their children had a 99.9% chance of being half-siblings.

Last year Reign searched Future for $ 53,000 a month in child support. He laughed at the number and said it was exaggerated and the kid didn’t need that much. Future offered to pay $ 1,000 a month. A judge ruled that it should be the $ 3k number. In the months since the ruling, Eliza’s lawyers have worked overtime to convince the judge to change his decision. A final decision has yet to be made.

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In 2018, Eliza Future sued for paternity, alimony and custody. She said he was the father of her little girl named Reign.

In response to the lawsuit, Future killed Eliza in the press, calling her a “gold digger” trying to get pregnant from a rich man. After he finally underwent a DNA test, the results came back showing that he was indeed the little girl’s father.

The case is pending in Florida court.

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