‘Peace Stroll’ Held In North Minneapolis To Help Households Of three Youngsters Hit By Stray Bullets – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A peace walk took us through the streets of northern Minneapolis on Sunday to support the families of the three children who were recently shot dead in the city.

Two young girls have died in the past two weeks after being shot in the head by stray bullets. Six-year-old Aniya Allen died on May 19, two days after she was shot dead in her family’s car on her way home from McDonald’s.

Nine-year-old Trinity Ottoson-Smith, who was shot while jumping on a trampoline during a birthday party, died this week. Raishawn is her father.

“We love you baby. God has a very special angel up there right now, ”said Smith.

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Ladavionne Garrett also spoke on the way. His son Ladavionne Jr. was shot dead in Minneapolis in late April and is now recovering.

(Credit: CBS)

“We just need prayers,” said Garrett. “We all need prayers. We don’t need negativity. We don’t need any of this. “

Garrett rejected the idea of ​​retaliation because he said it would only harm another family. A woman speaking to the crowd asked them to lay down their arms.

Rev. Tim Christopher of Shepherds Works said he would like to see politicians help young people get what they need, including money.

“Why not bring some kind of job program here?” Said Christopher. “Why not bring a way how they can work with the city and be a part of cleaning up the parks and getting paid to do it?”

Ladavionne Garrett Jr., Trinity Smith and Aniya Allen (Photo Credit: Submitted / CBS)

Alderman Phillipe Cunningham joined the protesters as they marched through his community. He says he’s working on a collaborative approach with policing and community-based violence prevention.

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“How do we identify people at high risk in advance?” Said Cunningham. “They get the kind of help and support they need and then target it to those who don’t take it and stay violent and don’t lay down their arms.”

Council Chairman Lisa Bender and Councilor Steve Fletcher also took part in the walk, which ended in a park with food and a fun, family atmosphere.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers anonymous phone line at 1-800-222-8477. Tips can also be submitted online through the Crime Stoppers website.

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