Operation First 5 requests public enter to assist little one growth

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Operation First Five is wanting parents in Potter County to complete a survey on services they use to benefit their children.

One goal in the survey is to close the academic achievement gap seen in the area.

“For children in Amarillo of different socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities, we want to help those children from other ethnicities reach the same standard,” said Tracy Fredman, Operation First Five lead researcher.

They will use the info to access what services parents use and are aware of.

For services parents don’t use, Operation First Five will strengthen outreach to make parents aware of those services meant to help the entire family.

“When we know our kiddos, our are in a safe, nurturing environment then we can come to work,” said Victoria Hughes, Operation First Five facilitator.

Operation First Five says a child’s brain is already largely wired by the time they’re three.

The survey helps with the organizations larger goal of building a better future.

“We can see a reduction in crime, we can see healthier, safer communities, and so birth to five is a return in our investment, our money and our time,” said Hughes.

They’re asking for 800 parents in Potter County with kids up to five years old to complete the survey.

Click here to access it.

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