Nonprofit’s Assist ‘Irreplaceable’ To Damaged Arrow Household Elevating Little one With Disabilities

A Broken Arrow family learns about the realities of raising a child with disabilities. They hope to shed some light on why the support of a local nonprofit called Will’s House is irreplaceable for families like theirs.

Sarah Ross and her husband Dave have six children between the two. One of those kids is Kayleigh.

“Kayleigh is mostly eight to nine months old,” said Ross.

Ross adopted her daughter Kayleigh from Ethiopia almost ten years ago.

“When she got to our house at eight and a half, she weighed 20 pounds,” said Ross. “We found that she has two genetic disorders, she has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome or 4P Syndrome.”

Despite Kayleigh’s medical problems, she has done well due to the love of her family.

“I honestly don’t remember what my world was like before Kayleigh. It stretched us beyond our limits. It showed me that God was faithful,” Ross said.

Ross’ husband Gareth Moffatt passed away on January 6, 2019, leaving her with a single mother.

“We only ever made it,” said Ross, describing the friends and family who had come forward to help when they could.

Eventually Ross met Dave and fell in love with him. The children adored him, but when he suggested they had no one to look after Kayleigh during their honeymoon.

Then Jeanette O’Hara entered her life with Will’s house.

“I have four children. I have four boys, they are under nine: nine, eight, six and three. I have two who have special or medical needs. So we have school, therapy and extracurricular activities,” said O’Hara .

O’Hara and her husband founded Will’s House in honor of their eight-year-old son, who passed away in 2017. They provide childcare for children with disabilities and serious medical needs.

“I have special skills as a physical therapist, mother, and a network of highly qualified volunteers who can help cover those basics,” said O’Hara.

Will’s House is a family support system – a community – a reminder that they are not alone.

“She literally made magic happen because I have to go to Jamaica for a honeymoon,” said Ross. “I never worried a day whether Kayleigh was okay or not. I knew she was in good hands. Will’s House will make this possible for so many parents. “

To connect to Will’s House, click here.

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